In addition to the Events and Fund Raising regular dive trips are organised.

Almost every Sunday morning and most Thursday evenings several members of the club together with any Allander Divers SAA Students and Splashsports PADI Students head off to Loch Long, Loch Fyne or Gaer Loch. On Sundays two dives are usually seperated with a barbeque in the surface interval with Thursday nights limited to one dive. You can find details on each of the dive sites which the club frequents in the dive sites pages.

Rib dives are occasionally organised. In 2007 the club ran two rib dives, one in Loch Long and one from Tralee Bay near Oban for diving on the Breda. The Breda dive was popular with two groups of divers taking turn about to head out to the wreck.

Most years a trip is arranged to Orkney to dive the German High Seas Fleet that was scuttled at Scapa Flow. This is usually around October and spaces are often filled 8-10 months in advance! If you are interested in becoming a Scapa Diver or wish to return to see more of these fantastic wrecks then please get in touch with Ricky and register your interest for the next available trip.

Upcoming trips:
Trip updates will now be posted on our Facebook page. Club members will continue to receive e-mail updates from Ricky periodically. In addition to the specially organised trips above smaller, more local or more regular trips (i.e. Sundays and Thursday nights) will be organised, usually by meeting at the shop for 7am (Sundays) or 6pm (Thursdays). Times and locations can vary so it is worthwhile calling ahead. If you're looking for a buddy you can ask on our Facebook page.

Past trips and trip reports:
(Regular Sunday/Thursday dives noted with special trips (i.e. Rib dives) in bold).

Spare places:
Register your interest in diving on one of our trips by calling into Splashsports in Partick or calling Ricky at the shop. Spaces on special trips go quickly but most trips have a reserve rota for replacing people who cannot make it. Trips are filled on a first come - first served basis with a deposit required at the time of booking.

Submit a trip report:
If you have a trip report and/or have taken photos or video clips while diving with the club please submit a link to the webmaster to have it featured on this page. Please dust off your old log books and let us know of any memorable dives you've had with the club and we'll try and include them here too.