Loch Long : Twin Piers

Also known as:
Two Piers

Located on the west side of Loch Long beside the old torpedo testing station, this site is on the same stretch of road as Conger Alley. Easily recognised by the two piers just off the shore.

Dive information:
Site access is hindered by a high wall, steps up it have been made by piling blocks. Parking isn't quite as handy as Conger Alley. Same issues here with fast traffic which is a hazard. Entering water at twin piers turn left (to face up the loch) and head towards 14 meters, keeping this depth the wreck is usually the first landmark to be spotted. The wreck is just a few ribs of rusting metal with no other defining markings. Home only to anemone, sea squirts and peacock worms (concentration of fish and crabs isn't noticeably different from surrounding area). Continuing up the loch from here are some massive boulders and a reef of rocks. Here there are a number of homes for congers and with patience they will come out to see if the diver has any food. Returning along at 6 meters affords a good view of the seaweed in shallower water and one might find the odd dogfish sleeping. The exit point is denoted by the legs of the twin piers which are covered in mussels and surrounded by some large starfish.

Recommended for:
Trainees to experienced divers.

Underwater wildlife:
A great site for interacting with Conger Eels. These seem to be particularly inquisitive at this site and may be due to hand feeding by other divers. Common species at this site include Leopard Spotted Gobies, Dogfish, Pipefish, Butterfish, Hermit Crabs, Velvet Swimming Crabs, Edible Crabs. The reef is covered in Anemones, Sea Squirts, Peacock Worms.

Directions from Glasgow:
From Glasgow you take the Loch Lomond road A82 and at Tarbet follow the road onto the A83 to Arrochar. Drive around the head of the loch heading out of Arrochar for about two miles and you will see the twin piers. Parking is over the pavement and onto the grass verge. There is room for two or three cars. Alternative parking is further along, it's also the one you can use for Conger Alley, then you walk back.

Enter the water from the shore near two piers from here you can also see the remnants of the torpedo testing station at the top of Loch Long. Once in the water the bottom slopes away sharply from shallows to 20meters. A great variety of life can be found with a boulder reef and small wreck adding interest.

Please note:

Type of dive site: Reef (with a small wreck)

Depth: reef 6m to 20m, max depth unknown

Water temperature: 9 to 15 degrees Celsius

Visibility: 1 to 15 metres

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