Loch Fyne: Kenmore Point

Also known as:

West Coast of Loch Fyne, Between Furnace and Inverary.

Dive information:
Wall dive with a gnome garden.

Recommended for:

Underwater wildlife:
Squat lobsters, Starfish, Sea Loch Anemones, Dahli Anemones.

Directions from Glasgow:
Head on through Inverary towards Furnace. Take left of A83 (approx 3rd left after Inverary) down the forestry road. You'll come to a tee-junction eventually at Kenmore park up near the junction and walk down across a small wooden bridge into the residents area. Immediately on your left is one bay with access to the water and if you continue down the path until it ends and continue straight you'll come to a little path taking you down to a pebble beach.

As noted in the Directions you'll need to hike down to one of the bays for access.

Please note:
Currently there are gates barring access to the Forestry road. Visit CongerAlley.com for more info and updates.
Please be sure to keep these sites tidy, one of the major gripes with the locals is rubbish being left behind.

Type of dive site: Wall

Depth: 25 metres

Water temperature: 9 to 15 degrees Celsius

Visibility: 1 to 15 metres

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