Loch Fyne: Furnace Quarry

Also known as:

Located on the west shore of Loch Fyne.

Dive information:
Site is made up of boulders and rock, presumably from the quarry. Contains two wrecks, one at 40m (hardly any size at all) and another at approx 46m (at time of writing I've not visited this one). Also well known as a wall dive (again, not experienced this personally).

Recommended for:
Not recommended for trainees due to fishing line hazard but otherwise the range of depths lends it well to the deep speciality course (little wreck at 40m makes for a good target).

Underwater wildlife:
Good site for edible crabs and some bigger fish. Smaller wildlife includes most of Loch Fyne's regulars: Squat lobsters, gobies, anemones, sea squirts, starfish etc.

Directions from Glasgow:

Variable, the landowner is known for locking the gate of this site which results in a hike with all your gear. When the gate is open parking is practically by the water and entry to the water is either by a giant stride off the pier wall or down the rocks or slipway.

Please note:
This site is well used by fishermen so be wary of fishing line and hooks (entanglement hazard), remember to bring a good knife or pair of shears.

Type of dive site: Wrecks

Depth: 50m+

Water temperature: 6 to 15 degrees Celsius

Visibility: 1 to 15 metres

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