Loch Long Conger Alley

Also known as:
Artgarten Reef, Conger Ali, Ali's Reef

Located on the west shore of Loch Long.

Dive information:
Popular site with easy access, spacious reefs and lots to see. The main boulder reefs are home to a wide variety of life and even when travelling from the site entry/exit point to the reefs theres stuff to see.

Recommended for:
Perfect for novices and training purposes.

Underwater wildlife:
Site is well known for it's Conger Eels, hence the name. The site is particularly suited to congers as it's boulders and large rocks allow for many hiding holes, usually with at least two entrances/exits. Also commonly seen are large Balin Wrasse, Leopard Spotted Gobies, Dogfish, Pipefish, Butterfish, Hermit Crabs, Velvet Swimming Crabs, Edible Crabs and even the occasional Lobster can also be found at this site. The reef is also covered in Anemones, Sea Squirts, Peacock Worms.

Directions from Glasgow:
Take the Loch Lomond road A82 and at Tarbet follow the road onto the A83 to Arrochar. Drive around the head of the loch heading out of Arrochar for about two miles and at the long straight there is a car park on the loch side for about twelve cars. Alternatively if this area is full you can drive past the cottage on the right and continue to the Ardgarten Campsite and turn around and go back to just after the cottage where there is an unofficial lay-by. If you do this you must be aware of the traffic that is travelling at high speed on this straight section. It is probably safer at the car park. If you park at the car park you have about a 100metres walk to the cottage along a pavement. At the cottage you cross the fence where there is a path leading down to the shore. The path is worn but not to steep.

Climbing over the short fence and an easy gradient on the slope down to the beach. Access to water is easy and a number of good boulders to help with kitting up.

Please note:
Traffic at this site is a major hazard, this is the first straight section of road for quite a distance and as a result the straight sees a lot of speeding and overtaking. Care should be exercised when crossing and kitting up near the road.

Type of dive site: Reef

Depth: shallow reef: 6 to 18m deeper reef: 20 to 26m

Water temperature: 9 to 15 degrees Celsius

Visibility: 1 to 15 metres

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