Loch Long: A-Frames

Also known as:
Finnart Oil Terminal

Of all the sites on Loch Long, this is the best for parking, access is similarly handy. The site is reasonably shallow lending itself to training and novices.

Dive information:
There is easy shore access to site. Once in the water the large concrete posts of the old demolished pier rest from 4-6 metres with the main A-Frame at 20 metres. This is an excellent site to potter around, the large concrete posts provide shelter for edible crabs and other underwater wildlife. Discarded jam jars and toilets etc. are located to the left (down the loch) from the A-frames with the main A-frame being located off to the right (up the loch) in around 20 metres depth.

Recommended for:
Trainees and experienced divers.

Underwater wildlife:
Common at this site includes Leopard Spotted Gobies, Butterfish, Velvet Swimming Crabs, Edible Crabs and Starfish. Rock faces and A-Frames are covered in Anemones, Sea Squirts and Peacock Worms.

Directions from Glasgow:
Take the Loch Lomond road A82 then the A817 to Garelochhead. (GlenFruin Road) When you come to a roundabout turn right onto the A814 and when you pass the Finnart oil terminal there is a car park on the lochside that holds about ten cars.

From the car park you go down a worn path onto the stony shore.

Please note:
There is a public phone box at the car park (you can just see it over the Splashsports bus in the photo). Some mobile phone providers may not cover this area so please check.

Type of dive site: Reef

Depth: Site 20 metres at the A-Frame. Unknown maximum depth.

Water temperature: 9 to 15 degrees Celsius

Visibility: 1 to 15 metres

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